1/6/2017 12:00 AM

Doing Good, Feeling Great

This January, one Sherman Residential team takes a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday work to give back to their local community. 

The management and maintenance staff at The Cottages in Austin took some time away from the office and their every day responsibilities this Thursday, January 5th, to get hands on with a local charity.  For the past 30 years, the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Texas have been supporting hospitalized children and their families through meals and the power of closeness through its programs.  RMHC CTX helps to lessen the financial and emotional strain on families with a sick child by providing housing and meals to those families every day of the year with the help of volunteers.  Our Team was proud to join the ranks of thousands of other helping hands that have come before them to support this fantastic charity and the amazing work they accomplish.

To kick off 2017 right by feeding families and feeding their souls, Team Sherman Residential from The Cottages in Austin got hands on in the kitchen for lunch service at RMHC CTX.  Prepping food and taking orders, the Team was inspired to give back and make sure that they were making the best possible impact on their community.  We here at Sherman Residential are all immensely proud of our caring and compassionate colleagues who felt so compelled to get out in the world and make a real difference.  They set a positive example for us and for everyone.   

Want to learn more about Sherman Residential?  Visit our website here.

Want to find out how you can make a difference with RMHC CTX?  Click here to find out how you can get involved!

Did you know, in 2015:

  • 10,577 room nights were provided to families through Ronald McDonald House
  • 2,071 guest/families were served at Ronald McDonald House
  • 798 families stayed at the Ronald McDonald House
  • 1,133 families stayed at the Ronald McDonald Family Rooms
  • 25,000 visits were made to our four Ronald McDonald Family Rooms
  • 140 families were supported through our Healing Hearts program
  • 923 nourishing meals were provided at the Ronald McDonald House
  • 10,000 snacks were provided to families staying at the House and Family Rooms
  • 2,000 complimentary items were distributed to families from the Happy Wheels Carts
2/23/2016 12:00 AM

Supporting Flint

In Flint, Michigan, the drama surrounding the drinking water contamination crisis continues well into 2016.  After the city of Flint changed its water source from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department to the Flint River, a series of issues arose, culminating in lead contamination of the drinking water supply that has exposed thousands of children to this health hazard.  While Flint grapples with strategies to solve their water disaster, thousands of individuals and groups around the country have responded with an outpouring of aid and support for the Flint community and citizens.


At home in Atlanta, Georgia, nearly 800 miles from Flint, Sherman Residential and The Landings at Princeton Lakes' team member Aikesha Newborn felt compelled to lend a hand.  After hearing a news story on the local radio about the water crisis half a country away, Aikesha was inspired to use all of the resources she had at her disposal to offer relief to the citizens of Flint.  She began immediately to organize an effort among residents at her apartment community, The Landings at Princeton Lakes, to collect fresh, clean, sanitary bottled water.  "Our residents really showed up in a big way for this" said Property Manager, Nature Darns about the collection efforts,  "Our goal was 50 cases of water when we started getting donations, and we received well beyond our goal." 


In total, 77 cases of water, over 150% of the original goal, were collected by the site, with 63 cases donated directly by residents and the additional 14 cases donated by the staff.  Even though the management team sent out emails and flyers to residents to encourage their participation in the fundraiser, some of the greatest motivation to donate came from the residents themselves who rallied to the cause.  Some residents were seen encouraging and reminding their neighbors to donate or collecting money that was used to go out and buy bottled water cases from those who may have been unable to do so themselves. 


The Landings team was able to turn Aikesha's dream into a reality by partnering with a local charity-based non-profit group called Love Beyond Walls to deliver these bottled water donations directly to Flint's underserved and most in need communities.  Love Beyond Walls volunteers came to the property to load trucks full of the water cases which were then driven directly to aid sites and families in Flint without sufficient access to water or other aid services.  The Landings team has officially partnered with Love Beyond Walls to keep their philanthropic efforts going beyond this single great cause. 

Thank you all for your generosity and compassion!

11/11/2015 12:00 AM


Join Sherman Residential in Green Light A Vet this Veteran’s Day!

Sherman Residential properties around the country are showing their support for veterans this week by supporting Green Light a Vet – a simple initiative that calls each of us to illuminate a green light in a window as a symbol of solidarity.  The green color represents hope, renewal, and forward progress for veterans in every walk of life in a literal beacon shining from the homes of many.

Year-round, Sherman Residential properties strive to honor the commitment of the US Armed Forces to our country and our freedom.  We believe these brave men and women are doing a noble service that should be recognized and deserves our utmost respect. 

Green Light a Vet is a simple way that we can all show our support this Veteran’s Day for the sacrifices of all those who have served or are currently serving our nation.   Veteran’s Day is November 11th, 2015, but we shouldn’t let our support stop there.  Countless organizations across the country work tirelessly to supply housing, job opportunities, financial support, and education to United States Veterans.  On November 11th and beyond, we hope that you will consider lending your support to one of these great organizations including, but certainly not limited to, Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families, Team Rubicon, Blue Star Families, and Hire Heroes USA.

The Landings At Princeton Lakes in Atlanta, GA honors Veterans abroad and in their own community

The Cottages in Austin, TX

Stoneridge Farms at Hillwood in Murfreesboro, TN

10/28/2015 12:00 AM

Supporting the Arts in Frisco, TX

On October 17th and 18th, 2015, The Boulevard at Frisco Square had the unique privilege of hosting two resident artists for Frisco’s fifth annual ArtSeen Studio Tour.  ArtSeen is a Frisco collaboration of artists dedicated to empowering creativity and increasing visibility for local artists and creators.  The two-day annual event is a self-paced walking tour through artist studios, galleries, exhibitions, community centers and other art spaces designated throughout the Frisco neighborhood.  The Sherman Residential property was eager to get involved and show support for the community through its participation in this event.

Since 2011, local institutions have been participating in this fall event to promote and support the arts.  Visitors have the chance to see original art, speak with artists, delve into the DFW art scene and grow their personal collections if they wish.  The Tour itself was made up of 25 artists/exhibits located at 15 stops around Frisco and Frisco Square.  The work present included painting, drawing, sculpture, jewelry, print-making, photography, mixed-media, and more. 

At The Boulevard at Frisco Square, our very own residents Paige Prater and Meredith Reddard eschewed the ordinary gallery exhibition format for a more interactive event.  Paige and Meredith both work with painting as their medium of choice, with soft yet compelling pieces, each in a style totally their own.  They set up stations in the clubhouse area at the entrance of the building to create art as a live performance.  Visitors were invited in to see their portfolio of completed works on open display, but also to dive into the art creation process by watching these two talented individuals hard at work creating original pieces in real time. They even set up a small working station to encourage any children to work along side them and unleash their inner artist if only for a few minutes.

With a successful Studio Tour under their belts, the staff at The Boulevard is hoping to grow this first-time participation into a long and meaningful relationship with the arts.

 A Peek Inside ArtSeen in Frisco Square
9/15/2015 12:00 PM

Putting Kids First in Atlanta

September 10, 2015
Atlanta, GA 

At The Landings at Princeton Lakes, a Sherman Residential property in the city of Atlanta, the staff has taken a vested interest in the betterment of their community from the inside out.  The 2009 APS cheating scandal has been on the minds of many in the area for some time now.  Parents of children currently in the district, or about to enter into their first school years, are concerned that their children might not be getting the education they expect. 

Deirdre Render, the Resident Account Manager on-site, is one such mother who decided it was time to take education back to its roots – Home.  From June 3rd until July 22nd, 2015, The Landings at Princeton Lakes held a Summer Literacy Program aimed at engaging and inspiring young children during those sometimes-lackadaisical summer months away from the classroom. 

For 8 weeks, the staff hosted a group of children from the property, sometimes accompanied by a curious parent, for read-alongs of classic children’s stories.  In her mission statement for the program, Ms. Render writes “Our goal is to nourish the children of our community with literacy and sight word development during the summer months. The Landings will take back our families - one apartment at a time – by striving towards excellence not only where we provide luxury living, but throughout every aspect of life.” 

The group read early development classics such as Johnny Appleseed, The Jungle Book, and Oh! The Thinks You Can Think.  Resident participation poured in before the first book was cracked, donating time and books to an effort they could be proud of.  At the end of the event, 3 dedicated children received a special prize for their participation. 

The staff at The Landings is now planning for future installments of this Literacy Program – searching out new ways to make the Program even more successful and widespread.  By reaching out to neighborhood institutions for support and partnership, they hope to grow their impact with an annual event.  Ms. Render is already receiving calls and emails from volunteers who are excited to be involved next year and beyond.

They say it takes a village to raise a child.  An apartment complex might seem like an unlikely village, but that hasn’t stopped this tight-knit Atlanta community from joining together for the good of the children.

3/15/2012 12:00 AM

Decorating With a Splash of Local Color

When Sherman Residential purchased Tribeca, a 398-unit mid-rise in Plano, Texas, last September, the Chicago-based company didn’t want generic artwork gracing its halls. Instead, it left the decorating up to local art students.

As part of The Tribeca Project, Sherman Residential donated a 6-foot-by-4-foot blank canvas and a $50 gift card for art supplies to each school in the Frisco Independent School District (FISD) with an art program. Every completed canvas returned to Tribeca would be put on permanent display in the mid-rise’s common area.

Debbie Cooper, Senior Property Manager for Tribeca, says the goal of the project was to give back to the community—part of Sherman Residential’s core values. “Fine arts are getting left behind with budget cuts and we saw the opportunity to change that,” Cooper says. “Tribeca was going to spend nearly $10,000 anyway if we purchased outside art, so why not allow students to provide the artwork and give the money to the schools instead?”

Created in partnership with Dr. Daryl Trent, Director of Fine Arts for FISD, The Tribeca Project gave the schools freedom to do whatever they wanted.

“We had everything from a group of elementary school students working together on a canvas to an exceptional high school artist who was picked by her teacher to paint the entire thing herself,” Cooper says. “There were no specific requirements—we just left it up to the teachers.”

After Cooper collected the finished pieces, Tribeca hosted a reception and gallery event in late April to showcase the artwork. The event was advertised on several local event calendars—including one on the Dallas Morning News website—and proved to be great publicity for the community. More than 500 local residents, students, teachers and parents were in attendance, many of whom toured Tribeca for the first time.

Reception guests followed a route throughout Tribeca’s long corridors to view the canvases, each of which included a plaque with the name of the school and the artwork. First-, second- and third-place prizes were awarded at the elementary, middle and high school levels, with a final award given for “Best in Show.”

The reception also included a performance from a local high school orchestra ensemble, refreshments and gift bags full of art supplies for the younger children.

Cooper says many visitors were so impressed with the artwork that they asked how much the paintings cost and wanted to buy them. “The entire evening was a huge win for these students, who were thrilled with the positive response they received from guests,” she says. “Plus, Grandma or Grandpa can come to Tribeca years from now, and their granddaughter’s painting will still be on the wall.”

In addition to the art supplies and canvases, Sherman Residential also donated $10,000 toward a Fine Arts Scholarship through the Frisco Education Foundation to help high school seniors who wish to pursue a college degree in one of the fine arts. –NAA’s Lauren Boston

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