A division of Benj. E. Sherman & Sons Inc.
Est. 1922

Family Owned for Three Generations

We continue to pursue our goal of being the best owner and operator of multifamily properties in the United States. Read more.


Mission Statement

Sherman Residential owns and operates multifamily properties throughout the United States. We develop long-standing relationships based on trust. Our devoted and enthusiastic leadership team shapes every decision to create a fulfilling investor, employee, and resident experience. The heart of our business is people. We offer responsible stewardship and stable returns for our investors. We strive to provide an environment where our employees can continue to learn, grow and thrive. We work to give our residents a sense of community and a place they are proud to call home.

Sherman Residential, a division of Benj. E. Sherman & Sons, Inc. (BES), is a family-owned Chicago-based real estate firm that focuses on apartment ownership and management around the United States.  We are best known for our commitment to maintaining beautiful apartment communities, our exceptional customer service, and our outstanding investment opportunities which have generated excellent annual investor returns since 1990.

The history of our company goes back to 1922 when Benjamin E. Sherman, the firm’s founder, opened a small office on the West Side of Chicago.  Benjamin initially focused the company on Chicago-based residential and commercial real estate transactions.

In 1948, Benjamin’s son Leonard Sherman joined the family business and expanded the focus.   He not only grew the commercial real estate to encompass larger commercial office buildings in the downtown Chicago area but also became one of the country’s leading condo developers.

Leonard’s son, David Sherman, joined the firm in 1986. David saw an opportunity to shift the company focus from “buildings” to “communities”.  He concentrated his efforts on the multifamily apartment business.  The company purchased its first community in 1990 and under David’s direction, we continue to thrive and expand our multifamily portfolio.

In 2002 we rebranded Benjamin E. Sherman and Sons as Sherman Residential to reflect the new focus and direction of our national multifamily housing business.  Since 1990, Sherman Residential has acquired over 26,000 apartment units and 85 communities nationwide.

As a third-generation family-owned company, our family roots still remain.  We continue to pursue our goal of being the best owner and operator of multifamily properties in the United States. Every day we strive to provide outstanding service to our residents, challenging and rewarding opportunities for our associates, and a place for our investors to achieve stable returns while minimizing investment risks.

Sherman Residential Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary


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