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Anniversary Appreciation: Five Years with Erica Colunga

Anniversary Appreciation: Five Years with Erica Colunga

Jul 15, 2022

Sherman Residential is grateful to have had Erica Colunga on its team for five years.

Colunga has held four on-site positions, gracefully supporting four of our Texan properties and filling roles where needed. She is a team player with exceptional analytical and people skills. Prior to joining Sherman, she worked in insurance and as a police dispatcher. Without any prior property management experience, her personality, work ethic, and intelligence made her a perfect fit.

After successfully managing our properties in Resident Relations and Account manager roles, we were ecstatic to create a Portfolio Account Manager position for her on our corporate support team. Now, based out of San Antonio, Colunga:

  • trains our on-site Account Managers nationwide in compliance;
  • reduces delinquency through various initiatives;
  • and brings innovative ideas to improve our processes and the renter’s financial experience with our communities.

She is an asset to our organization and an upbeat person to work with. We are grateful that she has chosen Sherman for five years and look forward to many more!

Erica Colunga

Erica loves cats, but we found some other animals at this year’s NAA Apartmentalize conference that love her!

NAA Expo Parrot
NAA Expo Dog

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