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Anniversary Appreciation: Ten Years with Timika Thompson

Anniversary Appreciation: Ten Years with Timika Thompson

Aug 2, 2022

Sherman Residential is fortunate to have had Timika Thompson on its team for ten years.

Thompson has been our Resident Account Manager at several properties. We are incredibly grateful that she has moved with us from Atlanta, Georgia to Nashville, Tennessee, and recently to Charlotte, North Carolina. She is always a welcome addition to each community and management team. Her attention to detail and accuracy make her a valued account manager.

We are grateful that she has chosen Sherman for a full decade!

Erica Colunga

Timika’s success record in her role is unparalleled, but it’s her coworkers’ praise that speaks volumes.

Timika’s exceptional industry knowledge, commitment to her team, and top-tier customer service are just a few of the reasons she is a valued Shermanator.

Debbie Sims

Director of Training and Development

We are wishing you a very happy work anniversary. We are so proud to have you on our team. Your work ethics and compassion for your role with us are the reasons we adore you!

The Axis Berewick Team

Timika brings so much heart and dedication to her teams. Her hard work and attention to detail make her an asset to any company and we are so incredibly lucky to have her with Sherman! I miss our crazy adventures in Nashville and am thankful for the time we had together on property. We made it through all kinds of storms together (both literal and figurative), and I couldn’t have asked for a better teammate, colleague, and friend. Excited to celebrate this wonderful lady and her 10 amazing years with our company! Congratulations, Timika!

Kara Raney

Project Manager

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