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Recognizing our Heroes

Recognizing our Heroes

Apr 2, 2021

Sherman Residential is proud to recognize its heroes who went above and beyond during February’s winter storms. When large regions of Texas and Tennessee unexpectedly went without power and water, our site teams stepped up. To protect their communities and the hundreds of residents who live in each location, Sherman employees worked overtime on fire watch, coordinated with contractors to repair freezing pipes and prevent flooding, and responded to all resident needs. Sister properties offered vacant units for hot showers. We were proud of our team that came together to support each other and their communities.

We asked each team to share their site hero stories.

In Tennessee, we recognize our tenured Resident Service team, Alfred & UB, who worked tirelessly to clear snow from Station 40 Apartments in Nashville, help those whose heaters went out, and help our residents with any requests.

In Dallas, we first thank Mark, the Resident Service Supervisor who joined our team in January with our newest acquisition, Axis Kessler Park. Just one month into the job and he responded to an exponential increase in workload with a “don’t worry” attitude and attention to detail that his teammates recognized gratefully.

Resident Service Supervisor Jaime’s manager at Axis at Wycliff called him an example of true loyalty, and his teammates remarked on how he never complained despite the long hours working without water or electricity.

Maple District Lofts’ Resident Service Supervisor, Lorenzo, and recently promoted Resident Relations Manager, Melony, worked together to keep their residents feeling safe and comfortable through the freezing temperatures. Lorenzo managed the site while his coworkers could not make it in, and Melony coordinated everything remotely.

Resident Service Supervisor Ronal’s coworkers at Axis 3700 in Plano, TX know his motto is, “No problem.” They were not surprised but incredibly thankful for the way he acted quickly and communicated calmly and compassionately with their residents.

Our Richardson, TX team at Axis 110 nominated their Resident Relations Manager, Logan, who worked fire watch and cleared snow until 4 am some nights.

In San Antonio, we are grateful for our Savannah Oaks’ Service Technician, Geno, who worked all hours on fire watch and helping individual residents. He maintained a positive attitude and professionalism for which his teammates were incredibly grateful.

Wesley’s manager at Wiregrass at Stone Oak commended our Service Technician for being a true team player after handling unit and property issues, including a burst sprinkler, and assisting with fire watch.

At Axis at the Rim, Resident Service Supervisor, Joe, remained on-site for a full week, communicating all details to his coworkers that could not make it to the property.

At our New Braunfels, TX property, Avenues at Creekside, Jimmy impressed his team who could not make it to the nearly 400-unit property through the snow. For days, the Service Technician was on-call in freezing temperatures, addressing a burst pipe and covering fire watch.

Thousands of residents place their trust in our teams to provide a great place to call home. This past year and the unexpected storms of February 2021 have placed numerous new challenges for our team. Sherman Residential is immeasurable proud of and grateful for the amazing people that take these responsibilities seriously and choose to work for Sherman. 

    Ronal does everything with the upmost integrity. His true motto is “no problem.” He handles adversity with humility, sense of responsibility, sense of urgency, and grace. At no point did I have to ask him to do a thing. He readily jumped in and took action. He communicates with residents in a calm, very respectful, and caring manner. I am very grateful to call him my co-partner in running Axis 3700.

    Liana LaPierre

    Resident Relations Manager, Sherman Residential

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